Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know that even in my fairly insulated world there's way too much information to ever make up my mind. Parenting skills, tricks, experts. Household management experts. Financial experts. What's riding on my ability to decide is one home, one family. What if it were my job to make wider reaching decisions for a company, that in turn would effect the lives (maybe drastically) of ten or twenty employees? Or more? If those twenty families were dependant on my ability to always make the best decisions about technology, training, marketing... maybe it's a good thing that I'm not in charge of that.

One company that is helping to make those decisions easier is Contempory (business solutions) They work as consultants helping companies wade through the swamp of too much information. There are a hundred products eager for the business and your hard-won money, and they don't really care if their service is the best one for your needs as long as payment clears. Wouldn't you much rather spend the money on something that works and you need? Consider Contempory for help in researching Business Objects and Intelligence Training. They have recently revamped their website and it now includes video clip answers to important questions; instead of reading a dry and brief FAQ page isn't it nicer to see a presentation of these people letting you know in their own words "face to face" why you should choose to do business with them? Contemporary specializes in small to mid-sized businesses. They know MS products. They offer technology training for your employees. Most of all, they care. I like the look of the new website; there's not a lot of flashy graphics to take your mind off the service. It's simple, streamlined, easy to navigate. The important things.

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