Sunday, September 30, 2007

I often think that we've got to get more storage in what used to be the garage. Many years/months ago. It's not quite a garage anymore. It's actually a pretty nice family room complete with fireplace, cobwebs, thirty packing cartons worth of books, and assorted cartons of Stuff that still has to be unpacked and stowed. But where are we going to put it all?

Some of the stuff should get tossed. I'll have to resist my inner packrat urges on that one. No! We can't throw that away! I might need that again in a few months. Yet I've not needed it so far, and I suspect deep down that if it was magically gone from our lives I'd never look for it again. If you're looking for garage storage, whether for an actual garage or just for more utilitarian needs, look no further. Gar Guy Garage carries a large range of cabinets, shelving, pegboards, and everything else you need to turn your disaster zone into a liveable and more importantly workable space for your home.

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