Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long distance rates are hard to comparison shop for. International, or cross-country, in this age where very few people stay put and long distance relationships are the norm. You can spend a fortune on phone calls. The Boy and I try to use our cells for everything, but his has roaming fees attached during certain daytime hours and whenever he's overseas... well, let's just say that they add up awfully fast.
We even know people in Canada now. People we'd call more, if we could figure out time zones and roaming charges and fees, and what happens when the cell-reception is so crappy that you just need to use a land line? One solution for that, obviously, is to get a Canada calling card. Or we can call the United States for 1.8cents a minute, which is about as cheap as long distance rates stateside can go.
Why choose Pingo as your provider of prepaid calling cards? It works like all the regular discount prepaid cards, with the benefits of being run by the same service that provides the Big Name networks with their coverage. Tollfree numbers are available from most areas to get you into the network. You can arrange for several different “sub”accounts bundled together under your main account if you're running a business (or if you have a couple of teenagers who you'd like to monitor use on?) Sign up and get a bonus on your card- if you use this special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo you will get a $25 card for only $17. That's almost 5 hours of free international calling.

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