Monday, October 08, 2007

Am I ready finally for the transition to toddler bed? No. I'm still not ready. The Boy did the changeover this morning; the crib is now toddler-bed. In all it's glory. One rail was replaced by the two safety guards, and the Toddler can climb in and out with ease. I'm not ready for this. I wasn't ready when she came home from the hospital. I wasn't ready for her to give up the bottle. But I got through it; I survived the transition with the brave mama-face, and so it went...

This will be like the others. I never wanted to be the mama that held onto my child, crying at the door. I don't, as it happens, hover when she goes off into the new classroom or the new social setting- I make sure the adults are taking over and I wander off to my appointed place. But for this sort of thing, for this I'm just not emotionally ready. I don't know how to fix that. Maybe there's no way to know, no easy path, I just have to take everything as it happens. Maybe that's my answer.


Lisa said...

Oh gawd, how I can relate - some of the milestones are so physically painful for us as mothers. Ugh!

Big HUGS from Alabama, sweetie!!

Fireflower said...

I needed that- thank you!

Some milestones are more painful than others. Some we're ready for, some we'll not be ready for ever.