Friday, October 26, 2007

Many years ago a nice company across the pond set up shop to make life easier for plumbers. They specialized in training. Specifically, getting people who want to be plumbers or improve their skills together with those organizations that can provide gainful employment. This is near and dear to me, especially as the Toddler enters a new phase of her life: potty-training. (and where else in your life will you need a plumber as badly as you will if the child decides to really test out what can and can't be given to the pipes??)

Also, my great-uncles and great-grandfather were plumbers. It runs in the family, sort of. This happy little firm has recently started offering training in sales for plumbers- to help them make the most of their skills and businesses. Marketing is important in this society to stay competitive and to help your business get the most exposure it can. Sales Training is a great way to accomplish that mission. After all- who are you going to call?

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Tamara said...

All of my old posts are gone. I put them in a new one. :) If you ever want to read and reminisce, let me know and I'll send you the link.

Sorry about the car seat. :( Never heard back from your mom when I replied her email. It's just that someone else needed it more than I did between then and now.