Monday, October 22, 2007

Can I run away to Florida next week? Pretty please? I don't eat much, and I can travel light... that is, until the return trip. I might just be loaded down with all the rare books and antique knick-knacks. On the last Saturday of every month the shopping district of San Marco (St Augustine, FL) has a major event called Uptown Saturday Night. The participating shops have wine and snacks in a giant open house. There is live music. There is a street party atmosphere. Good times to be had by all. And free parking provided by the Mission of Nombre de Dios.

I swear, I want to run away for this. I keep threatening that one of these days I'll run away from home for a night or a weekend. When I was working I'd throw that up in the air every Friday afternoon- I'm running away from the office and I won't be back until Monday and you can't make me! Unfortunately this threat loses it's bite now that I'm a SAHM with a toddler and a bun-in-progress, and since my nearest and dearest know that I'm way too responsible to actually take off.

Still. The prospect of a giant street party with all my favorite things really makes my mouth water. Rare books, train tours, sightseeing. Antiques. Spanish treasures. Music and munchies. I could wander up and down the streets for the whole four hours it "officially" runs. But how much do you wager that some people start early? End late? St. Augustine shopping has never seemed more appealing to me! There is a focus right now on the next two dates- October 27th and November 24th. Why not pick up unique Christmas gifts for everyone on your lists? And did I actually almost forget to mention the art shows with great local artists, and the local authors? Book signings! Books! I can feel my blood pressure going into vacation mode just thinking about this.

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