Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Toddler likes to sleep in odd positions that make my neck hurt. In her crib she was often found lying with her head and upper body parallel with the side rails, but her entire lower half bent in an L-shape over and through the rails so they would hang down. Inevitably they would get stuck that way, leading to a massive wail when she woke to find her legs jammed in yet another unnatural position. It was my firm belief that the transition to toddler bed would stop this. That she would stop looking for ways to make my neck and back hurt, that she would either sleep on the bed or on the floor -depending on which way she ended up.

Last night in an effort to proof Mama wrong -and this seems to be the new pattern of our lives together- she fell asleep with her head and upper body on the pillow slightly to one side of the middle of the bed. The rest of her body was in an L-shape over the side of the mattress, her weight fully supported in sleep by her two perfectly dimpled legs.

That's right. She fell asleep standing up. Propped so that she would not fall, but standing up. It is to be noted that she was so exhausted that she didn't notice when I came in and rearranged her body so as to lay in a less painful position. And then she slept all night, waking at dawn to greet the rain falling softly on the slightly overgrown yard outside.

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