Monday, October 08, 2007

It is not possible to literally waste away from being on a carb-restricted diet. I know this. I really do know this. So why is it that when I heard that I've got to go to no more than 15g of carbs per meal per day, my inner self shriveled up into the fetal position and wept?

I'm the person someone was thinking of when they came out with a tshirt that said "I heart Carbs". I'm the person that sits down with potato chips and pretzels, and hashbrowns, and bagels. Bring it. The more, the merrier. But if I ever want to see a glucose number below 150, this is what has got to happen.

Let me lay here and whimper, dreaming of danish and pastries of all kinds. Let me think fondly that at least they're not taking away my meat and cheese. Yet. Because while I might survive without the carbs, I know I would not survive without the other things that make life worthwhile.


Lisa said...

I fear that diagnosis myself. I'm sorry it's reality for you and I hope you can be comfortable with less carbs. That would be so hard for me, too!

Fireflower said...

My hope is that after a few days I'll get used to it. Or my numbers will behave. Or flying monkeys will swoop down with a fairy godmother wand and magically "cure" me.

I guess the first option is the most likely to happen. If the third happened, I would have bigger issues to deal with than missing my chips!