Thursday, October 25, 2007

For all my reservations about the instant loan business, I have to say that nowadays it's not all loan sharking. Secured Home Loans are a fast way to tap into the equity of your home (and since it's equity, you should be able to pay back the loan without serious hardship or ulcers). Some of the customer reviews on this site mention that they assign one person to deal with you for the duration of your loan; I can't begin to emphasize how wonderful that would be. One person. Only one person, who returns your calls and emails, minimizing the amount of miscommunication that can happen over the course of the process. Those miscommunications do nothing to ease the situation. All it does is raise blood pressure, which goes squarely against my own current doctor-mandated philosophy of Relax! (Are you relaxed yet?)

On a purely asthetic note, this looked like a very relaxing website. Nice colors, easy navigation... easy on the eyes as well as fairly well written. One of my biggest turnoffs on websites is the sheer number of them that do not use proper grammar. Hate that. If I have to work to understand what you're trying to say, that makes me not ever read you again and certainly not refer you to anyone I know. Except the pesky people who ring the doorbell and wake up sleeping toddlers.

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