Friday, October 26, 2007

So here we are again... can you just hear the dramatic music playing softly in the background? Mexican bakery trucks, four different ice cream trucks, two small children next door, and the hum of my fridge. Maybe not so dramatic. Certainly better to my ears than the window-rattling sounds of the spanish/latino/something or other that comes from the garage across the street on randomly chosen evenings. If they'd turn it down some maybe I'd know what it was. Maybe I'd even like it. But if anything is played at that level I feel that I have the constitutionally-given right to retaliate. Possibly with Elmo's World. At an equally loud level, until they get the hint.

See? I can so be calm. I've laid down for two hours, my head is no longer swimming with exhaustion, and I finished a library book. The Toddler sleeps. Or she's just cleverly biding her time and pretending to sleep. Without opening the door I can't tell, but I'm not quite brave enough at the moment to check. I'm planning on locking myself up this evening/coming weekend and writing a bunch of new stuff to help make this blog more readable and less ad-able; and I've got to confess that this past month the income has Seriously helped to the Goldfish Cracker Fund. So now all you need to do is read along with events here and nod your heads and maybe pat me on the head with a comment or two to let me know that I'm not blogging my fingers off in vain.

Tonight I am going to have to dust off my bp machine and start logging it. Do I get a prize if I can keep my numbers within a ludicrously near-normal range?

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