Thursday, October 25, 2007

I want a real bed one of these days. An actual bedroom suite, with wood, probably oak, with dressers and nightstands and a bedframe. So far we've just made do- so many other things take priority in the budget. With the children, their furniture is also taking precedence. I don't know what or when we'll ever end up with to replace the second hand mattress on it's metal frame. Mind you, it's lasted very well over the past 5 years. Almost 6 years now. I was looking at Oak Beds this morning while drinking that all important first cup of tea and waiting for my insulin to warm up so I can take it. Something like this. Actually, this entire room seems nice from what I can see of it. Nice big windows, leafy green stuff outside, a clean and swept carpet to either side without the piles of Stuff that just seems to breed no matter what I do...

Doesn't that look all nice and refreshing? I bet I would have seriously reduced insomnia after sleeping in this bed. Either that or I'd never want to get out of the bed.

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