Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Relaxing, Part 1

One of the recurring themes of my first pregnancy was the admonition to RELAX! Are you relaxed? Why aren't you relaxing yet? That was due to the blood pressure, to it's constant creeping up no matter what I was doing. Like a good cup of tea, baby-growing is not a thing to be rushed. Every baby is unique. Every mother. Every leaf on a tea bush, carefully picked, processed, and blended. Every factor that goes into growing these things has it's impact no matter how small. Does the water boil for your tea or do you let it sit right to the edge of boiling before pulling back? Which brings the finer taste and flavor to your cup? Or to your life? If a pot of water boils away to nothing it hurts the pot and you are left with an empty cup. So relax. Don't try to take on too much.

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