Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last night I wrote about the Blackpool theme park. Today I ran across a Blackpool Hotel associated with them, which is just The Coolest Concept to me. They've got family suites, people. Not only does the hotel look wonderful and restful from their website (I love watching slideshows of hotels on the Net), but the family suite concept has a nice "standard" place for the adults to sleep as well as a separate child's section. I couldn't quite tell if that's in it's own room or just a separated alcove niche, but the child's part has two bunks with individual tv/dvd screens. No fighting over who gets to watch what. Plus mommy and daddy are able to maybe watch a grownup program like law and order, or CSI, or the news... It's a 4 star hotel. If I'm ever going to make the trip to go here in real life, across oceans and countries and continents, there's really no point in using a hotel with anything less than the best I can afford. Why not really make it a trip to never be forgotten? Why not create a memory that will last my lifetime?

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