Friday, October 26, 2007

Why are concrete garages a good idea? Well, aside from durability they're just so darn practical. Fireproof. Sturdy through windstorms and rainstorms and snowstorms. Insectproof. You're not likely to find a termite problem in concrete walls, and it's harder for vermin to burrow their ways into it. Honestly, if I were to build a house in southern california right now I'd seriously consider making the whole darn thing out of concrete. It's not like you are stuck with cinderblock construction, for one thing. The nature of concrete makes it extremely easy to mold into a vision of your own. The sky is the limit. Henry Mercer did it in Bucks County, Pennsylvania... his museum and home stand today as a shining example of what can be done with concrete. To celebrate finishing the house he hauled up a bunch of wood and set a bonfire on the roof- all the neighbors who thought he was crazy for doing it had to admit that the house would not be burned out by normal methods; and fire in the remote countryside was a horrible prospect. Prefab Garage is a good way to keep your property safe. It will be a good investment of time and effort, easy to care for, and it might even outlive the house you stand it next to.

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