Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moving around from apartment to apartment and house to house over the past few years has given me a real appreciation for the quality of the fixtures. It's been interesting to note that the cheaper rents don't always mean the cheaper fixtures. For example: the two cheapest places we've ever lived have had Delta Faucets. As far as it went, they worked better than the others. If I ever have the opportunity to makeover my kitchen just the way I want, I'd definately go with them again. And here is where all that renting comes in handy- I've gotten to field test a bunch of styles already! Isn't that a bright spot in my day? is a nice place to start when considering a kitchen makeover. They have shopping guides, style guides, and a lot of information that can help you navigate the Wide World of Kitchen Stuff. It's confusing; there is so much more out there than just a standard faucet. Actually, I don't even think they make a "standard" anymore. It's gotten more complicated than that with options- one handle or two. One knob or two. Sprayer? Diffuser? Little filter thingie that can deliver instant custom flavors to your drink? Who knows. These people do know, and they also offer coupon discounts for first time buyers.

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