Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ever have the feeling that if you could just catch up on one more hour of sleep everything else would fall neatly into place? That's how I feel this morning. I fell asleep on the couch last night, and had no trouble sleeping through the night. All night, all the time. I also feel like my body has turned into a log. That's likely due to the Little Bit, not anything due to the exhaustion. Or the tiredness. Or the fatigue that wants to wrap my head in wool batting and tuck it in for a long winter hibernation.

Oops. Did I say that out loud? Mommies aren't supposed to admit to this. At least, not the mommies I want to emulate. While it's not feasible to live up to a Leave it to Beaver stereotype, wouldn't it be nice if we could acheive that without feeling that if we could only step into the tv screen we'd discover a pile of laundry shoved in a closet, or a mess of dirty dishes in the oven? It would make me feel more okay with the state of my own life, which this minute really isn't that out of control.

It's more that I'm wanting to go back to sleep, and there's a Toddler that just woke up and is looking for her breakfast.

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