Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inspired from “Tea Bliss” by Theresa Cheung (the list is a direct quote)

Commonsense Tips for Keeping your Cool:

1) look after yourself
2) Forget about being perfect
3) It's okay to say no
4) take action if you can
5) express yourself
6) work smarter, not longer
7) take time out
8) vary your routine
9) have a nice cup of tea

The last one makes me laugh. The Boy uses it as a default wife-soother. Not sure what to do? She shows moderate levels of stress that does not suggest a concrete solution? Make her a cup of tea. Tea will fix it. (The Toddler version of this, incidentally, is the poppy-sicle)

Oddly enough it does seem to work. When presented with a steaming cup of tea I stop and lift it to inhale the first fumes. My blood pressure drops a bit with the first sniff. Bonus points if it's a rich clear amber-red color. A big sigh ensues. Knees slide of their own accord into a chair- and the world becomes a friendly place again.