Monday, October 22, 2007

There seems to be a lid situation brewing in my cupboard. I don't know how it started. Innocently enough, I guess. A travel mug promotion at a good coffee stop for the Boy, a mug I saw that I just couldn't live without when I was commuting. Some of his commands where he needed the mug for another purpose and then it came home to live with us.

By themselves, that's not a huge problem. The problem comes when you move so much. Box up, box down, box up and down and all around and you're staring at one box that seems just filled with lids. None of them have mates. Either the lid gets tossed or lost, or the mug dies. They'll never be in the same room again. I've got a drawer full of lids and maybe two of them fit mugs in the cupboard. While I love using the mugs as they are, there are circumstances that require lids. When you're stuck in bed. When you want to take a hot beverage in the car without spilling it over the gearshift. Or your lap.

I'm so tired of it. Tired of never finding a lid that fits when I need it to fit. But what, really, is the solution? Reattach lids as soon as they exit the dishwasher? I have a hard enough time getting that process to work smoothly, nevermind the extra step. Maybe I'll just give in, give the whole mess to the Salvation Army, and buy five or six new travel mugs at the dollar store. It seems wasteful to do that. But I would have lids that fit.

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