Saturday, October 27, 2007

I keep thinking stuff.

Wow. That sounded even more inane typed out then it did in my head. Let's try it again...

I keep obsessing over stupid things. Things that make no bit of sense in any form. That I want above all else flavored creamer. But not just any flavored creamer. I want a flavor that has likely been discontinued by a company that's uber-expensive for my poor grocery budget that is suffering under my desires to eat all kinds of odd things. Chipped beef on toast. With oranges. And fishsticks. The thought of an actual vegetable on my plate appeals to me, but as soon as said plate appears under my nose I want to toss the whole thing aside and puke. The smell of broccoli, for example, which I normally love.

Went to the store this afternoon and expected it to be a bigger disaster than it was. Fortunately I only had so much cash in my pocket and had limited myself to only using that. It helps. Something else that helps? Library books. The library here in town has a Very Limited and Somewhat Poor collection. The catalog is hard for me to work with, and so I find myself walking the stacks with an open mind. It's wonderful to do that- I find so many more books and authors that I might never pick up otherwise. Good stuff. Happy stuff.

Takes my mind off the other stuff. Like the part where I'm on more bedrest than before, and this is going to be more strigently enforced in the upcoming week and a half, and I'm giving up more and more control of my life because I just cannot endure the thought of being forcibly hospitalized for my own good. Which may happen yet. And without the Net I may shrivel up and wither away into dust.

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