Monday, October 29, 2007

I've been dreaming about plastic surgery for the past ten years. Or so. Right around the time that I blew out of all the pretty, inexpensive bras that easily fit into the budget. That also coincided with the first summer I got blood blisters from the bra straps themselves, when the back acne became uncontrolled due to my inability to reach all the necessary spots with cleansers, when I could no longer see my feet because my boobs were in the way.

Unlike a lot of women, I don't seem to dream about lipo to get rid of a belly, or thunder thighs. I just have one simple dream- to one day see my feet again. To no longer carry around twenty pounds attached to my chest. To buy a bra over-the-counter instead of over-the-Net-and-hope-it-fits. Plastic Surgery is never something to be taken lightly. (Hah! Get it? Lightly?) There are so many things to consider including cost.

Look for surgeons who are certified by the appropriate licensing boards. Get somebody who takes pride in their work, not just in how much they can charge you for and the swankiness of their offices. Don't let yourself be pressured. Spend a lot of time really thinking about the procedure- once you're seeing the surgeons and scheduling, events can move awfully fast. Plastic surgery is more like a marriage commitment than a one-night stand. What kind of complications are there? Can you talk to other patients who have had this procedure? And especially- look at why you want it done. Whether it's a nose job or a tummy tuck or in my case a reduction... is it ultimately to make you happier?

One day I'll see my feet again. One day I'll be dancing for joy as the weight comes off my shoulders for good. And on that day I may just post a picture or two of my new boobs.

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