Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Thought:

An online calculator tells me that with our current plans, we can expect to pay $4500 over the next year for the new baby. This will work out to $375 a month, in addition to the Toddler's expenses as she transitions into a new world of IEP services, preschool, etc.

And people wonder why I've turned to paid blogging via payperpost to generate this income? Heck, I'll do whatever it takes. At least this is legal/ethical and a viable way to earn money from my computer while Toddler-wrangling. And gestating. And while doing housework, monitoring my blood sugar, and semi-bedrest.

As of today, all this paid blogging has brought in $300. As time passes, as my blog gets more traffic/site rank/whateverthehell they're looking for these days, I will earn more per post. It's not nothing. These days, one does what they can in so many ways to make the ends meet. This is going to work for us.

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