Monday, October 29, 2007

Anybody else confused over the time changes? We had some of our clocks pushed back yesterday, making me resort to the old standby for time accuracy. The TV. More specifically, the tv guide channel. I figure that if they don't know what time it really is, there are bigger issues at play.

Sleep is an issue that has come up again around here. Nobody seems to be sleeping at the right hours- I'm not sleeping nights, the Boy sleeps the first half of the night, the Gram sleeps the second half of the night, and the Toddler? I have given up on knowing her sleep cycles although I know she's making a good effort at pretending to be asleep during the dark hours. This is at least a start. The Baby? I can lay at least part of the blame for my not-sleeping on him.

As we get ready to start a new week, a new day, I pause to reflect on these things. Would it be nice to have daylight savings time fall back yesterday and get a theoretical hour more of sleep? Yeah. If it meant I'd actually get sleep. Would it be nicer to have the sleep instead of an hour? Seriously. I'd do odd things for that right now- that's how exhausted I feel this morning.

Blood sugar levels? Great.
Blood pressure levels? Let's not go there.
Swelling in fingers and ankles? I can close my hands without too much trouble this morning, and my feet feel only slightly puffy. This is, as always, due to change without prior notice.

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