Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Okay everybody, I'm open to suggestions. Aside from laying perfectly still on my side for hours on end, which isn't exactly feasible just now, what other techniques can I use to help relax and bring the pressure down?

This morning's reading was 153/114. Not good. So I'm open to suggestions. And yes, I'm going to lay down on my side in just a few minutes. For a while.

The Boy has been sent off. I've been to the pharmacy and refilled my sharps prescriptions for the diabetes. The Toddler was a very good girl while we waited patiently at the pharmacy. Everybody at the hospital windows were in costumes; the pharmacy tech was dressed like a big orange striped tiger. The OBGYN receptionist was a witch with a big black pointy hat.

More later. Please leave comments with suggestions; there may be a small prize to the person who can give me the method that will lower my pressure the most by the end of this week.

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