Monday, October 15, 2007

I guess the key to making it at all anymore is organization. This is a mama-hack, a habit of highly effective people, and something I strive for because if I let my guard down just one day everything else goes to heck in a handbasket and stays there for weeks. If not months.

FlyLady has been good at motivating me. I read through the emails about once a week and get warm fuzzy feelings that it is possible to turn my life around, that organization and a clean house does not have to wait until I'm 60 and the kids have flown the nest. And I can incorporate the smaller things easily enough. It's the larger routines that go to heck right now- between my not feeling well enough to move some afternoons, and specialist appts, and everything else that goes along with motherhood and toddlerhood.

But this morning I felt sort of productive. I guess. Getting a lot of stuff in order so that I can tackle the larger stuff, and work on getting "caught up". Does anyone ever get "caught up"? I find it doubtful. The kitchen got clean before I went to bed, which helped me be able to start the day on a more positive note. Paid some bills, working on getting caught up on the blogging, thinking harder about investing in that unique domain that will make it easier for me to pay a few more bills around here.

Oh yes. And working on getting some article ideas sketched out. That helps too. It's like having an emergency dinner in the freezer, having a blog post or two on ice for when I'm having a craptastic day and need a little extra push. So wish me luck and I'm going to make a bigger effort in the next week to get my marbles all back in the basket.

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