Friday, November 09, 2007

Add to my reading list!

Anybody got a favorite book or series that they can recommend for my library queue? I'm open to anything right now; looking for a few new good ideas to help while away the upcoming weeks without losing my mind too dramatically. Besides, I can rest while my eyes are busy. And this is one of the few things that the Toddler respects when she sees me doing it.

Unlike my lung capacity.

The Boy is on a plane heading this way now! My hug-supplier and all-around-comfort-object is going to be with me tonight! Love to all.


Pollyanna said...

So what kinds of books do you like? I recently read *American Gods* by Neil Gaiman and that was really good--funny and thoughtprovoking and suspenseful all at the same time. I will try to blog about some other books I like.

Fireflower said...

Everything! I just finished Making Money (Pratchett), next up is The Fourth Bear (Fforde), A Short History of Myth (Armstrong), and a random assortment of paperbacks the Boy brought home with him. This will be completed by Tuesday. After that I'm back to the library, and we'll see. History? Psych? Social Science in the Steppes? Thrillers?

alex said...

I loved *Dream when You're Feeling Blue*, by Elizabeth Berg (until the end, but the rest was great). I'm currently reading *The Reckoning*, by Sharon Kay Penman, about medieval England and Wales, and I'm really enjoying it.