Friday, November 09, 2007

Gasp! Breathe! My post-breakfast glucose is Normal! Solidly, firmly, normal again. I have not seen an actual true-normal reading since the Shots of Doom! This is cool. Seriously cool. The only thing better would be if I could manage to lose the shortness of breath caused by a small and cute child determined to snuggle with mommy's lap for a story despite mommy's having to lay on one side which means the only snuggle surface available to her is the part I need to breathe with.

Why does mommy need to breathe? Toddler is not sure of this. She doesn't think mommy's need anything, and besides which, her book must be the most important thing here. This is one point of the discussion. And Oh! The horror of it all! We've had two crying spells this morning because mommy had to evict her from the warm nest in order to grab a breath.

Sibling rivalry is starting young in this house. It's not my attention they're vying for today, it's my lung capacity.

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