Thursday, November 08, 2007

We are living in a society increasingly geared toward being tuned in and turned on all the time. Mobile technology allows us to keep this plugged in feeling no matter where we go or what we do. This has fueled a new theme through all of the mobile advertising I see lately. Everyone, everywhere, promised the solution for all of your needs at a low price. Cut down on the gadgets you now can't live without by getting an iPhone that can make all of these things available to you in one device that slips into a slim line pocket on those designer jeans. These are just some options available to you in the age of premium sms services. Also reaching a new popularity again is mobile billing- you can pay your bill through your phone with the payment method on file. One touch dialing really has come a long way.

The first article I linked to is about sms marketing. This is also showing more and more popularity. Maybe not so much in this sleepy little town, but I keep reading about it in the forums I frequent and on the news. The day when the entire country has internet as "cheaply" and easily as they have basic sanitation services is drawing closer and closer. They can take away our cheap gas, but nobody better take away the internet! Or any one of the seventeen billion ways to access the rest of humanity. Instant messaging, photo sharing, or the ability to reach as many people as you want for one low price every month.

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