Thursday, November 08, 2007

Adorable Toddler strikes again.

Last night she's circling the kitchen table looking for something new and exciting to get into. She picks up my blood pressure cuff. The cuff doesn't really amuse her but the monitor unit has big buttons.

She jiggled the buttons, not finding the on/off switch, and thus gets nothing for her efforts. Putting the unit to her ear, she says "Hello? Hello?" For some reason that didn't do anything either, so she punched the buttons a few more times and then put it back.

Isn't it amazing how we watch them explore their worlds? Everything is new, so new, and right now she's developing the ability to use all her previous experience in figuring out what new objects are for. Of course she won't talk to us to ask for help, but it's alright. Someday she's going to get her hands on a working phone that does something without needing a grownup to stand next to her.

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