Friday, November 09, 2007

It's been a wild ride this week, hasn't it? One thing after another. Boy gone for the week, Toddler not sleeping/sleeping/not sleeping. Blood pressure alarms. Blood sugar highs. Baby activity low due to combinations of any and all of the above. It makes me pleased to report a mild Friday morning in this house.

Finally the steroids wore their way out of my system. I slept last night for several hours, undisturbed by the demands of Hungry Baby that Ate Mommy. Woke up to a nice, normal fasting blood sugar reading. A nice, low blood pressure reading. A happy and well rested toddler at her usual breakfast time instead of the early time. My Boy will be able to get an earlier flight back home than he first assumed, and so will be returning to his family and home this afternoon instead of the middle of tonight or "sometime" this weekend.

Let's see if the military scheduling is actually accurate today. Because I'm starting to think fond thoughts of my family together tonight.

The Little Bit we've been so worried about this week is starting to wiggle and kick again. He did not seem amused by the steroids, or the high sugar numbers, but this morning he started moving vigorously again. Makes a momma's heart get all mushy. Watching the feel-good morning news spots on other cute and chubby babies didn't hurt either.

Back to my floor-rest for the morning. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts during this time. It's been much appreciated.

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