Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How do you choose an ISP for your needs? There's hundreds of options and companies all eager to take your money and give you services. It seems like someone would have to become an expert before ever getting to the point of having internet access from their home. The GetISP Info site offers ISP cancellation tips and information about how to choose both a service and a plan that's right for you. Dialup too slow for the amount of online gaming you do? Check for a DSL or cable high-speed package that fits your lifestyle. Wireless network more of an issue for your family? Remember to secure it against outsiders. Choose an ISP that offers bundling? Depending on the price and the bundle, you could get a better deal outside from separate companies.

Even if you've made a poor choice before this site could help you out. They have a page of tips on how to cancel your current service and sign up with a new one.

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