Monday, November 05, 2007

The Toddler is choosing not to respect the return of standard time to our area. I realize she's too young to understand the concept, and I appreciate that it's very hard to get your inner clock to cooperate. But when Mommy really needs that extra hour of laying in bed time to start her day, it would be a nice thing to let her have it.

So after getting us up and dressed and breakfasted, the Toddler chooses to crawl under a blankie on the couch with my floor-rest pillow, a bowl of cheerios, and her milk. I do not understand the logic of a two year old. I guess it's not necessary that I understand it. We're coming to the end of her Teletubbie hour which let mommy do the morning kitchen/wakeup/breakfast/Internet chores. Now what? My options become limited when I've got to lay flat for long stretches of time. This morning I'm choosing to be grateful that I've got the option of laying flat at home. There are plenty of women out there who wish that they had that option, rather than be hospitalized for intensive monitoring/bedrest.

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