Saturday, November 03, 2007

For years I had both dry mouth and serious tooth sensitivity. Medications that I had to take were very hard on my whole body, including my mouth. That dry mouth feeling- there's not much you can do to alleviate that. Constantly sip fluids, but plain water does little to mask the underlying sour feeling. So it's flavored fluid. That stuff is murder on teeth because you have to be constantly sipping it to keep your mouth wet, which makes it easier for the dental nasties to grow in there and attack your teeth. Which results in more tooth sensitivity. Which means pain. By the time I had my teeth pulled for dentures, I was eating bland room temperature foods. No real texture, no real taste, nothing too hot or too cold.

My mom just tried out a sample of Biotene. She has the same problems I had, without the underlying enamel damage that led to my whole-mouth tooth extraction. She can still fight for her teeth and has every intention of trying. After trying it twice there was an immediate improvement- the dry mouth she normally has is so much better this afternoon. There are ingrediants built into Biotene that work to fix those dry mouth issues and the sore/bleeding gums that often contribute to sensitive toothpaste

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