Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Furniture from home

Why put myself through the bother of buying furniture in a retail store environment, dragging a toddler (toddler and infant?) along, both likely to be grabby and cranky, and then try to find what I'm really looking for? Anytime I pay that kind of money for quality stuff, I do not want to settle on anything. Either it meets my needs and price or it doesn't. Now I can buy from the comfort of my home, from a reputable place that takes care of you every step of the way to make it as painless and smooth as possible. I could get bar stools for the kitchen breakfast bar. I could buy new Dining Room Furniture. And for our new bedroom furniture, Storage Beds.

Southern California Delivery Service is available now! The website has great pictures, it's easy on the eyes, and the contact information is all over the place if you're more comfortable reaching to a customer service person in the flesh.

Honestly, I've always been more comfortable making purchases online than I have been in person. I hate going out and interfacing with people when I'm just looking, or don't have a firm idea of exactly the piece I want. How much so is this a problem when dragging squirmy kids along (no matter how cute they are)? And so this is how when I'm rich enough to afford real stuff, this is the retailer I'll be buying from.

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