Sunday, November 11, 2007

I brought in yesterday's mail this afternoon to see some small vindication. Remember the issues we've been having with the electric company, who seem to randomly assign numbers to our meter reading? Well, in the mail was the corrected statement, reflecting that we now have a Huge Credit balance.

To celebrate this new-found sanity, we don't have to write them a check for a few months. I'm looking forward to that. Immensely. Instead of writing them a check on payday, I'm buying a new car seat for the Little Bit. Instead of obsessing over yet another insanity month, I'm going to stay calm. Since my post-dinner blood sugar was on the low side, I'm eating a twizzler left over from Halloween. And I'm going to be laying on my side for the rest of the night while feeling good about the whole package tonight.

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