Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Before I got pregnant, I had to think about what this was going to do to my heart. Last time there was preeclampsia to consider. There's always been the longterm heart damage from the adriamyacin and vincristine and cyclophosamide and the other one to consider. What impact did that leave? What new information do we have? Can my heart sustain the stresses of pregnancy and post partum again?

The field of cardiac medicine still makes leaps and bounds forward all the time. Specialists need to find the best tools, the easiest ones to handle and perform the job. Porter Medical is one of the up and coming companies that designs and markets such devices; they are making new strides into the field of cardiac medicine with an aortic punch. If I had to go under the knife, I'd want my doctor to use the best tool available to him. We all hope that day won't arrive, but sometimes it's good to know what to expect just in case.

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