Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not only is November the national prematurity awareness month, it's also Alzheimer's Awareness Month. Both are near and dear to this family, for the more recent preemie issues that have taken place and for the tragic affects that Alzheimer's has had on our loved ones in the past. To encourage Alzheimer's Awareness in the public, the national memory screening is making an enforced effort to let people know that memory screenings are a critical part of your future health especially if you are at risk for this condition. Memory screenings not only can point up early warning signs of Alzheimers, but they can provide a valuable baseline for younger adults. Why wait to get a baseline of your memory until it's possible that there has been some loss? Get your baseline now, and provide your doctors the best information they need to give you the right care later on. The best holiday gift you can give someone is the gift of remembering.

Locate a memory screening site near you by visiting this site. Consider making a donation this season to help fund research into cures for Alzheimer's, so that in our lifetime we may find a solution to that long dark slide. I feel that the dual awareness months I'm celebrating this November are two sides of a coin- I'm remembering preemies for that long dark ride up. There are no guarantees, only hope and prayer and faith that lives come out of the NICU and go on to be shining symbols of humanity. Alzheimer's is the other end of that slide when the light goes slowly out. If everyone joined together to be educated about these things, to support the families and friends of families who wind up suddenly stricken with that emotional roller-coaster, I believe this world would continue to be a happier and more supportive place to live in.

Pass the torch. Keep the candles burning. Don't let the light go out.

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