Friday, November 09, 2007

Way back when my teeth started falling to pieces in my mouth, I was facing a lot of problems. Already socially shy to the point of pain, my teeth were one of the things I was least proud of. All those pictures where they want you to smile? Show teeth? Forget it. I learned early how to smile broadly without showing teeth, and would not no matter how much they cajoled me. This is in spite of great dental care my whole childhood, so don't think that my mom never took me to the dentist or didn't agonize endlessly over my tooth hygiene either. No, my tooth woes were a result of having chemo when the permanent teeth were forming and coming in.

Towards the end, I couldn't hold a filling in my teeth for more than a few days or weeks. They'd been filled and drilled and filled and drilled so much that there was very little left of structure in some places. And then the filling would always come back out. Nerves exposed in some places. Not only not pretty but very painful and there was nothing we could do to make a temporary dental repair. Now there's options for this sort of situation. Dentemp OS. It provides a fast and temporary fix for your problem. Premixed vials means less mess and no fuss. Just apply, pop that loose filling or crown back in place, wait thirty minutes, and you're eating without pain again. This stuff is FDA and dentist approved so you won't be doing something bad for your teeth (anyone been tempted to use superglue on your dental issues because you're just that desparate for relief?

Don't make yourself suffer unnecessarily. This is one of those things that's good to have around, just in case, in the medicine cabinet. Because like a bunch of other things, when you need it you need it NOW. And you don't want to wait for pain relief.

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