Friday, November 09, 2007

The Boy has wanted to live in NYC ever since I met him. I have the feeling that this is going to be the first whole family vacation we take -when the kidlets are older. Hopefully when we get to do the New York CityPass will still be available. Like many famous attractions, New York has started bundling special entertainment packages to make it easier and less of a hassle for visitors. These books are filled with prepaid admission tickets to several of the places you're likely to visit. The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with sightseeing excursions. Not only does this allow you to skip the main ticket lines and get right to the good stuff, these books save you about 50% off the normal admission fees.

I even know a few people who would love this. College kids in nearby states are always getting the chance to hop a bus up to NYC. Why not send them this gift for Christmas and help them spend an extra day or two getting the sights in? The books are valid for three months; you can take two trips up there, or three, and spread the joy out over a longer period of time. I love museums. I always have. I adore wandering through them for hours, taking my time, reading all the little blurbs and brochures and sometimes just finding a seat and watching people watch the exhibits. Part of my love for history I guess. This is something I'd like to instill in the kidlets. As soon as I can convince everybody to cooperate.

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