Saturday, November 10, 2007

Steven King does a great plot. I love his books, his movies, especially if there's someone around to put their arms around me. My first exposure was watching the two part version of It, and that was also the first time I ever had nightmares about clowns. (Go figure). On the other hand, it also helped me get through my nightmares about algebra. After that I mostly just stuck to his books. Easier to visualize, less scary, no nightmares.

The Mist by Stephen King is being released in a few weeks, and if I weren't on bedrest I'd want to go see it. It's the perfect date movie for my Boy and I. It provides the perfect opportunity for me to sneak a few snuggles under the guise of needing "comforting". He thinks it's silly and slightly cute- this may be because neither of us really made out in a movie theater as teenagers, and now that we're all grown up and practically adults (what with a toddler and a infant due any month now) I'd love to be able to get flagged by an usher for snogging in the back row.

One thing I've gotten to like in the past couple of months is finding movie trailers online. If there's a movie I really want to watch, if there's a trailer I like, I don't have to hope it comes on during commercials anymore. I can just go right to the movie site and look it up. This is where highspeed Net comes in handy. Come to think, I don't think this household could function on anything less than broadband anymore. Certainly not smoke signals. Yeah, it's expensive. But when you weigh in all the stuff we don't spend money on... I guess it all comes out even in the end.

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