Saturday, November 03, 2007

I guess I'm just bored at the moment. I was scrolling down my blogroll, then I had to go down to the Goldfish Cracker Fund to see exactly what type of automated coffee-producing gadget was being displayed, and I idly started scrolling through that list. This is where a "next" button gets dangerous. You can just keep hitting that button over and over again until you find something neat, and then you want to find out what bells it has that can cost over three hundred dollars. For a coffee machine. When the most we've ever paid for a coffee pot was $30, and that had a digital clock.

Of course, I use that coffee pot a lot. Not for coffee, because I can't drink it. For the hot water that produces my hot tea. Delicious, wonderful, hot tea. The kind that brings my pressure down and my contentment with the world up. Tea. Is there a happier word in my vocabulary? Not today there isn't.

We're coasting along so far today; the Toddler had a good night and a better morning. She's thinking about the nap concept right now. Gram has embraced the concept already. I'm looking forward to embracing it later- but I'm slightly dehydrated from all that relaxing yesterday and I need to drink a quart or two of water to recover. Then I expect to spend an hour or two peeing. Still waiting for the at-home catheter kit, so that I can just concentrate on the sleeping without having to get up every two minutes to pee. I know that someone, somewhere has done this. I also know that they make adult diapers for a similar purpose, and I'm not that lazy thank-you-very-much. I'd rather bitch about getting up to pee.

It's been two days since I heard from my Boy. Miss him. This is one reason why I never take him for granted- he goes away like this and I keep seeing all the little things he does around here to make me happier and more productive. He's also really warm, and at the moment I'm feeling chilly.

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