Friday, November 02, 2007

Relax. That's what I'm hearing. Just relax. Just keep your feet up and everything will be fine. One of the weirder parts about pregnancy induced hypertension is that it's got almost no symptoms that are visible to the eyes. I can't tell my pressure is up aside from a peculiar tightening in my face in the late morning. Nobody else can tell from looking at me. I just look tired and lazy for waddling around my not-so-big belly and trying to push my Toddler off to walk on her own.

She's two, right? She should be able to walk herself most places. Trouble is, she still has trouble recognizing my voice. I'm talking to the wall the majority of hte time, and have to literally chase her around to catch her arm to gain her attention. She does not have a hearing problem, I'm told. What she may have is a paying attention problem. Can I bundle that up with the rest of her delays? Her teachers do not seem unduly concerned with it. I shouldn't be either. Except that I don't like her playing in traffic or out in the street, and I don't like that she wanders away from me wherever she feels like, and it's safer for both of us if she's either contained to a stroller, shopping cart, or my arms when we're outside of the house. I can't live in one set of four walls, I can't reliably leave them without her and another adult these days, and it's looking like it might just drive me buggy. Maybe a fresh cup of hot tea will help.


Lisa said...

Hang in there, sweetie! I'm sorry you're having such a rough time!

Fireflower said...

It'll get better. This won't last so long, I'll have another cute baby to play with, and we'll go back into the land of "normal" stay-at-home-mom with two little kids troubles. Just got to keep that pressure down!

Thanks for dropping in.