Sunday, November 04, 2007

As I'm sure most people who know me could tell you, I do not lightly put up with idiots and I firmly believe that the most blatant cases of not-thinking should be roundly turned back on the idiots who perpetuate them. One of the top websites in the UK lets you list for 4.95 pounds; that's a pretty good price even over here! I was browsing and found this ad (beware of a woman scorned) which points out the truth of my belief regarding idiots. If you're going to be a person who runs around on your wife, do not register your prized luxury car solely in her name. Because if she has enough incentive to do so, she will hurt you with it. I think the internet publicity is going to bring him more pain long term than the loss of his car.

This website, BuyYourCar also offers New Cars, Used Cars, and Car Loans. A one-stop shopping experience! As I bought my first "new" previously owned car through an online car site here in the states, I can safely say that it takes a lot of the pressure and uncertainty out of the process. You can view thousands of vehicles, compare the specs, get wonderful pictures at all angles, and then armed with your final selections march over to the showroom and do your test drive and buying all in one hour. That's actually how long it took me to buy that first car- one hour. Because I had done all the research and mind making-up before hand. And how wonderful was that for somebody chained to a desk 9 hours a day who did not have all kinds of energy and time to go out and buy cars?

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