Monday, November 05, 2007

In a year or three, once we're done getting the "catch up" education services for the Toddler, we're probably going to continue to need extra help. She's bright. Lord have mercy on us, she's bright. And stubborn. And my Boy has discussed the possibility of homeschooling with me; so far we're settled on the thought that we're going to have to face all of that with whatever is around at the time. These days with so many philosophies going around, how will we decide on the Innovative Tutor approach that's right for us? Score is a center based program that offers an individualized twist on the small-group learning approach. For the areas in which I can't teach my kids, I can reach out to them to offer the small classes and social type of learning that will be of most benefit to them. Score also offers a free consultation to help parents choose the best approach for their children.

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