Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Touching back on an earlier topic or two- what do I feed the iPod? That's an interesting though. There are always one or three songs that seem to speak to my spirit. Deep down speaking. The kind of song that says "yes. I get this. That is what I mean every word of."

Currently this list seems to start with a live version of Silent Lucidity. Followed by Serenity. Others vary. Last night I followed with Nothing Else Matters. Bleakish? Yes. do they give comfort to me and always manage to keep me doing what I've got to do? Yes. Is it totally sacriligious to find myself praying these songs in the inner silence that comes with listening to those songs? That I bundle up the depression and fear and anxiety and send them up to God to hold because I'm not big enough to carry them?

I don't have any answer at all to that.

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