Saturday, November 03, 2007

Last night I fell asleep with the bed creaking, and I was thinking that the time may be sooner that we start getting ready to replace the mattress. We got this bed when we got our first apartment; it was second hand then, although it was nearly new, and it's now been through many changes of address. Including two coasts. I'd really like a memory foam bed next time around; my tossing and turning keeps the Boy up at nights, and he needs his sleep as our own sleep rhythms are so wildly different. Tempurpedic beds look like a good fit for our situation. He can get out of bed without disturbing me, I can have my insomnia and congestion-induced rolling around without disturbing him. For a while it used to get so bad that we considered separate beds; that didn't really appeal to us though. I find it hard to sleep without him there, he finds the same thing (just doesn't care to admit it). Another huge benefit of memory foam systems like the temperpedic is that it relieves pressure on the body. I have lower back pain from time to time that makes it very hard to get comfortable and this system promises relief from that as well.

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