Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Digital pictures are just one of those must-have items for our household. With the entire extended family on the other coast, how else will we satisfy hungry grandmotherly impulses? Prints are expensive, then they cost to send, and then they gather dust. I don't have room around here for things gathering dust. The only things allowed to gather dust are my procrastinating impulses for cleaning. Right now I've got an HP camera, but I'm meaning to get a new memory card for it so that I can store all the pics indefinately. We can fit nearly two hundred on a single card the size of my thumbnail. Just try that with film! Plus it's easier to manipulate decent pictures. I inherited my mother's picture taking gene. I take pictures of my thumb, of half-heads, of blurry things. digital cameras changed my life. I can immediately erase the worst of my efforts. Failures?? Efforts. The preview pane is also worth it's weight in AA batteries. And then there's the new baby issue of never having time enough, energy enough, to get out and take pictures. I'm not really a take a million pictures kind of person, and when it's easy is when I tend to do it. Having a preemie made me glad I could take a picture. It was hard to get a good take with the isolette- when the glare from the flash glittered off of every reflective surface. And the preview pane could be seen through the plastic, so I could get a halfway decent picture without exposing my little girl to the unwarmed regular air of the outside world.

I need to avoid that experience next time. Let's get this next baby born, and home, and then I can fill this blog with cute pictures of an adorable baby boy and toddler girl. Together, with no tubes, and with me not in ICU for days on end. I know, it was only two days or so, but it felt longer. It always feels longer.

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