Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Every now and then I get bored and start thinking about how much information is out there, somewhere, on the Net. And how can you find out the most stuff? A site like Spock! While not a social networking site along the lines of facebook or myspace, they do have some abilities like those sites (instant messaging, for one). In the space of a few clicks I found information on Julia Roberts and Sesame Street. Members are able to add information to the site. Registration is easy and free, although it did take a few extra minutes to wait for my confirmation email to show up in the inbox.

And why am I so interested in Julia Roberts this morning? I was chatting with the Boy, and he likes her (mostly as a redhead) and it came up. Also, for whatever reason, I think she's one of the few celebrities that hasn't sold completely out as she got "on" in her career. Think about it- there has been very little of the bad behavior of the sort that follows some front-pagers around. This alone makes me like a person. While nobody's perfect under the microscope, she seems to have withstood the test of fame quite well, displaying grace and poise. Which makes her not only a good actress, but somebody who's got their act together. And that's the kind of actress/star that I want to know more about.

Interestingly enough, I found the layout of Spock to be easier on my senses than facebook or myspace, or any other of the more popular engines. I could go straight to what I needed to do without any of that annoying video embeds. I could skip over choosing my language, or signing in, and just get a quick result. Isn't that the best part of navigating this sort of site? I think so. Easy on the eyes and the nerves.

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