Thursday, November 01, 2007

I come to the end of another month and have to confess some of my more deeply held cravings at this point. Creamed tuna on toast. Poppysicles (otter pops). Really good loose leaf teas. Crab cakes.

The Toddler slept hard last night after all her holiday excitement. After I tucked her in I didn't see much, didn't hear a single peep out of her until ten minutes ago when she crawled out of her bed to get a blankie and crawl back in. The first night away from my Boy was uneventful- the best kind- except that as expected I could not easily get to sleep. And then once I did sleep I did not want to get up. Will this change at some point soon? Heavens, I don't know whether or not I hope for that or not.

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