Friday, November 02, 2007

How do I blog?

Let me count the ways...

Today I've got a cup of hot crystal light sitting on one side of me and a cinnamon stick candle burning on the other side of me. Both are useful. The Toddler is pretending to nap in her room- judging from the sounds she's not asleep but I'm willing to play along with her since she's being quiet. I'm also propping my feet up on a kitchen chair while I'm blogging. (See? I'm resting. My feet are up- that means I'm resting.)

In addition I've got four browser tabs open. How did I survive before Firefox? The Net was right in it's wisdom, for the level of browsing I habitually do in multiple windows throughout my entire day, I do need tabbed browsing. It makes things so much easier- at least it's easier as long as the keys don't stick. Which reminds me- I need to get a keyboard duster for this laptop. Or I need to vacuum it, or something. The Boy and the Toddler have left sticky fingerprints over it. There's a coffee stain near the touchpad we don't use, and the Q key was sticking all day yesterday but it appears to be fixed now.

Candles do seem to improve my outlook on things. Right now, I'm burning two of them. The cinnamon stick and one that smells like caramel brownies. I may not be able to eat them, but at least I can smell them all day. Oddly enough, this does not make me start craving sweets. I just love having the scent. Possibly the sight of a flickering candle in the corner of my vision also has an effect. I love it.

And here I'm going to wrap up another ramble brought to you by the sleep-deprived brain of me. Still tired, still gestating, still putting those feet up.

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