Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why put a blogroll up?

I call mine "Other sites you may enjoy". As far as it goes, that's true. The other part is that it's my internal list of sites I check every day.

Alright. I check it about three times a day. Just in case there's something new and interesting. And because not everybody blogs at the same time every day. If somebody's being wordy one day it may take me a while to get through everything, and sometimes their site won't load right away, and all that stuff. And because I just like reading blogs.

What are your methods of keeping up? Do you have a bookmark folder for your blogs? Do you have a good enough memory to remember all the blogs and sites you want to read every day? Or do you just try to remember occasionally whenever you can?

1 comment:

Pollyanna said...

I just use Google Reader--so nice not to have to check every blog individually just to see if there's anything new.